Saturday, December 01, 2007

Return to Innocence- Once Again..!!

Deepak gazed over the Kaveri River, feeling the faint breeze against his face, eyes shut and Rock Fort temple music enchanting in his ears. The place was peaceful and sacred beyond belief, but it was still unable to ease the grief he felt as he remembered the last time he has been there.

He had been engaged to Roshini right here on this spot two years ago. Dressed in blue Lukhnawi kurta pajama, wearing an innocent smile on his clean shaved face, he was happier than he had ever thought possible. Roshini was even more stunning and utterly irresistible wearing a yellow sari. Her dark long hair slightly ruffled and her eyes full of adoration as she looked at his groom to be. They held hands and laughed at the sheer joy of being young, in love and staying together. They had made promises to live together all their lives.

But that seemed such a long time ago now. A lot can change in moments and in this case time was in abundance. A lot of heartache can change a person and drive a wedge through the strongest ties, shatter the greatest dreams and even break the deepest love.

Deepak let out a sigh of pain. What could he do but move on, find a new life and new dreams? The old one was beyond repair. A little away stood Roshini with her eyes riveted on the once “The man of her life” standing in the temple and staring at the peaceful Kaveri. He was a very handsome man in mid twenties, but Roshini had always loved Deepak for his intensity and his innocence. She always knew guys like Deepak are one in crores.

Deepak had loved Roshini with honest heart. The feeling he had for Roshini had more truth than any other thing possible in this world. How long could he miss Roshini’s presence? He was aware of her standing there and staring at him. He looked at her and felt like he had always felt before. He felt a deep connection with this beautiful lady standing in the temple. They both moved towards each other and the silence of Kaveri witnesses their rendezvous.

A few minutes later they had reached Jenney’s Residency .Sitting inside Wild West they started talking. It all started with the usual stuff about which strangers talk but slowly with the effect of alcohol they started moving towards the real conversation. They talked of why they were here and finally Deepak opened about his heartache of the past year and how events had led him to this point in life. But still they were less talking and more drinking, one peg followed the other and there seemed to be no ending. After two hours Roshini also loosened up. She told him of things that had been locked deep inside her, things which had unsettled her otherwise peaceful life. She told him how she was torn apart when Udai tried to make a comeback in her life.

She was sixteen year old and a sweet, charming little girl, she was staying with her friends and Udai was one among them. As every girl of sixteen starts searching for a soul mate so did Roshini and in Udai she could see her man coming. Roshini started dreaming about Udai and in no longer than a month Udai and Roshini were having a scene of theirs. But soon Roshini realized that Udai in living in his own world and this full affair is actually just one sided. With this realization her feeling started calming down and it appeared as if nothing had even happened and she began the search for “The man of her life”. Few years later she met Deepak and from then started their love story. Everything was smooth till one day when Roshini met Udai in a function. Udai was appearing very different and tried to bring back the old days. Roshini was very happy with her current life and knew Deepak loves her more than anybody in the world but then why Udai‘s face was appearing again and again in front of her smoky eyes. They say that ‘the first cut … is the deepest’ and Roshini was experiencing the pain of this deep cut. She began to loose her peace and she started having a feeling of being torn apart.

For some days it continued like this, but now they were not sharing the same emotions, little things were leading to aggravated tension between Deepak and Roshini and one morning Roshini finally decided to call it off. She thought Deepak will stop her but Deepak didn’t and she left. She could not find peace with Udai either and from that time she was living a life which was no better than death. She was like a fish without water.

Looking up in Deepak’s eye she could see her pain being reflected. For the first time in months she didn’t feel alone, she could feel the unbearable burden begin to lift from her, she could see a ray of hope. She began to believe that maybe she had a future after all.
Deepak’s eyes also started glowing up in hope; he could see new possibilities emerging out of nowhere.

They had come to dissolve their relationship but maybe there was a ray of hope. Deepak stood up and took Roshini by the hand and led her away from the bar .Soon they were at Rock Fort. Tonight they would work on renewing their old promises.



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